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Keeping Canadians connected for the Future

Networld Cable INC always strives to support Canadian organisations getting connected to high-speed broadband services. As one of the top tower construction companies in Canada, we are adept at performing a wide range of fabrication, engineering, and tower construction services. 

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Our attractive licensing arrangements are suitable for WISPs. Our tower installation services offer value and flexibility to both start-ups and large-scale enterprises in Canada. We have extensive experience designing and developing new network infrastructure to suit your specific requirements. 

With more than a decade of experience in tower installation, Networld Cable INC provides customised services. Schedule a consultation with us to know more about our expertise.

Get Project Managed Solutions

At Networld Cable INC, we manage our tower install solutions in Canada. With our project-managed solutions, we offer a comprehensive and hassle-free service. From concept and planning to practical execution, you can rely on our expertise and experience. 

Our expert technicians offer installation services across Canada. The towers we install support single-person operation that makes things easier for you. 

Our towers boast of an articulated design with no guy wires. Moreover, they have multiple antenna capacities with vertical antenna separation for seamless connectivity. Here are some of the essential traits of our cell towers. 

Specialised Cell Tower Construction Services

Networld Cable INC provides safe, efficient, cost-effective cell tower construction across Canada. As one of the best cell tower construction companies in Canada, our building process includes lines, antennas, and support structures. 

We specialise in raw land tower builds and co-locations. Our company comprises dedicated EF&I professionals who manage the entire tower development process. Whether you want to construct a new 5G tower or a standard 4G tower, we can help. We have a proven track record in expediting your project without compromising quality or safety. 

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RF Design, Optimisation, and Planning

What sets us apart from other cell tower construction companies is our dedicated team of RF planning engineers. Unlike other companies, we plan, optimise and implement customised radiofrequency designs. 

With the expertise of our in-house RF planning and site design engineers, you can easily integrate multiple bands. We specialise in offering integrated RF solutions based on technologies like 5G, LTE, etc.

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Leaders in Turnkey Tower Construction

We are the market leaders in turnkey tower construction. Our highly-skilled installation experts can construct towers of all types and sizes to comply with your requirements. Our tower construction services include the following aspects. 

  • Customised tower structures and 5G towers 
  • Stealth tower solutions 
  • Expertise in erecting towers on pre-existing structures 
  • Skilled in constructing self-support, monopole, and guyed towers 
  • Antenna and line installation 

Avail Comprehensive Tower Testing Services from us

With a highly experienced team of RF engineers and their expertise, we provide reliable tower testing services. Our RF engineering team possesses the certification to conduct the following tests to ensure optimal functionality and compliance. 

  • RF signal readings 
  • Sweep testing 
  • Passive Intermodulation testing 

We are one of the most reliable cell tower installation companies because of our experience and skilled team of engineers. 

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Why choose Networld Cable INC?

If it is data and telecom related, you can rely on our turnkey solutions. Our certified technicians provide end-to-end cell tower construction services. From structural modifications to maintenance, you can rely on us. 

We embody a customer-centric and transparent approach and focus on one project at a time. Our 24/7 responsive support and rapid ticket resolution make us one of Canada’s top cell tower construction agencies. Contact us to know more.