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Get Professional Starlink Installation Services from us

At Networld Cable INC, we offer professional installation of the Starlink kit across Canada. We have an experienced team of technicians who are highly proficient in installing Starlink kits for your business or home. 

We offer proper warranty terms on our Starlink installation services. If you are on the lookout for a Starlink install, we are your best option. Note that Starlink is available as a DIY product. It requires professional installation to help you get unmatched internet speed. 


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Networld Cable INC is your one-stop option for reliable and professional Starlink internet services. Moreover, if you encounter issues while installing the Starlink kit, we are here to assist. Consult us today to know more about our Starlink installation services in Canada.


Overview of Starlink

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation designed by SpaceX. It offers unmatched bandwidth and internet speed even for those living in rural Canada. Starlink is also ideal for businesses of any size to operate seamlessly. Starlink terminals resemble the form of dishes and often require professional installation. Rely on our Starlink installation services to get access to blazing fast internet connectivity.

Integral Components of our Starlink Installation Services

At Networld Cable INC, we are your best option for Starlink install for business in Canada. Often businesses require access to internet services that offer low latency and high bandwidth. Unfortunately, the local internet service providers in Canada fail to live up to the expectations of their users. 

Starlink provides blazing speeds up to 150 Mbps almost anywhere in Canada. Networld Cable INC has immense experience and expertise in installing Starlink kits for residents and businesses. Here are the integral components of our Starlink installation services. 

Starlink Installation

Assessment of the Site

Our technicians will visit your facility to offer an onsite, no-obligation quote. When inspecting your property, our experienced professionals will consider roof access and safety. We will also assess possible mounting options and cable routes.

Proper Planning

At Networld Cable INC, we always plan correctly to avoid installation delays. Our technicians will consult with you to identify the best position for the interior positioning of the router. We will also find the perfect location to install the Starlink dish. 

Our Starlink installation in Canada is highly customised. Our highly experienced technicians rely on signal path profiles to install the dish properly. The proper installation of the Starlink dish depends on factors like angle, mounting height, etc. To know more about our expertise, contact us today.

Starlink Dish Installation

Installation and Final Setup of the Starlink Kit

Our Starlink installation services involve several aspects. For instance, we may install an interior outlet so that there is no issue with signal reception. The experienced team of technicians at Networld Cable INC can securely mount the Starlink dish to the roof of your property. 

We leverage concealed cabling to connect the outer dish component to the router. Additionally, concealed cabling ensures that there is minimal damage to the interior décor of your home. 

After completing the Starlink satellite installation in your Canadian property, our professionals will perform a speed test. The speed test offers us the proper insight into download and upload speeds. 

Our Expertise in Starlink Dish Installation

At Networld Cable INC, we have been able to complete more than hundreds of installations across Canada. Our technicians possess immense expertise in installing Starlink dishes and configuring Starlink routers. 

We are adept at installing and mounting Starlink dishes on buildings of all essences. Our star link setup in Canada involves using a vast range of premium mounts. Enjoy the blazing fast speeds of Starlink internet by contacting us.