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Your business building suits your needs. You’ve got a great office space, and your employees have the right tools. Your cabling
seems fine until you realise it’s out of sync. Suddenly, your outlets don’t work. When a company fails to meet these deadlines,
its productivity suffers.


NetWorld Cable experts have over a decade of combined industry experience and can help you find an appropriate solution. Whether you need engineered cabling, quick repairs, or routine maintenance, we have the cable that meets your needs.
Our cabling procedures and equipment are industry standards, and we make use of the most advanced technology. Using our structured & data cabling services, you’ll gain control over your wiring infrastructure and improve your IT staff’s efficiency. 
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Structured Cabling

Modern communications rely heavily on structured cabling. We design and install cost-effective and dynamic network communications systems for growing companies. Our structured cabling Richmond increases productivity and efficiency. No matter the size or complexity of the project, NetWorld Cables has all the cabling solutions you need.

The structured cabling solutions we offer are turnkey and integrated:

Data Cabling

NetWorld Cables is a leading provider of network cable installation services. With years of experience in the industry, we are one of the most trusted names for fibre optic networks and security systems. Our goal at NetWorld Cables is to ensure your business’ success by providing reliable and efficient data cabling solutions. Our network cabling Richmond delivers quality solutions on time and within budget based on your needs.

Professional Solutions To Your Cabling Problems

Choosing structured cabling companies can be difficult if you are not paired with reliable providers. A low-level cable installation mistake may cause structural damage to your workplace. You can rely on NetWorld Cables’ engineered cabling solutions for structured and data cabling. Our cabling procedures are:

We can help your business with its IT challenges by providing you with professional network wiring. Call us for more information.
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